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Common Carpet Issues

UCM Cleaning Services is designed to be an all around cleaning resource for the Denver community. Rather than having your carpets professionally cleaned just because the Environmental Protection Agency recommends it, we encourage our clients to educate themselves on why carpet cleaning is such an important practice. We have searched the web and talked to our customers to determine the most important carpet related issues Denver residents have today. We invite you to take a look and we hope that we are able to answer some of your questions. As always, if you would like further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Office Cleaning - What Should Really Get Done?
Sometimes, even if you have some kind of cleaning schedule in place, your office can just look a bit worse for wear. It might not even look so bad, but given that the office environment is the first port of call for new potential clients and customers, surely it is worth creating a good first impression Read full article...»

Removing Soy Sauce Carpet Stains
Denver Carpet Cleaning, Removing Soy Sauce Carpet Stains - article, Denver CO, Call: 888-480-7631 for assistance or read on to learn more on how to treat soy sauce stains on your carpet. Read full article...»

The Dangers of Mold
Denver Carpet Cleaning, The Dangers of Mold - informative article, Denver CO, Call 888-480-7631 or read more on the dangers of mold. Read full article...»

Mattress mildew problem
Denver Carpet Cleaning, Mattress Mildew problem - suggestion article, Call 888-480-7631 or read more to learn about this troublesome problem. Read full article...»

Worry about carpet beetles?
Worry about carpet beetles? - suggestion article, Denver CO, Call 888-480-7631 or read on for a helpful carpet cleaning tip. Read full article...»

Maintain my rug in good condition?
Maintain my rug in good condition article. Call 888-480-7631 for immediate support or read on. Read full article...»

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