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The Dangers of Mold

The presence of mold spores, active and inactive, is a great cause for concern. UCM Cleaning Services are trained and certified to deal with more minor cases of mold formations. If, however, you have recently discovered a development of black mold in your home or in your walls, the situation is probably beyond your control and you should seek the help of a professional. We suggest contacting your local remediation expert immediately.

Early mold exposure typically happens when residents begin to feel flu like symptoms or the actual smell of mold begins to permeate. The cause behind a mold exposure is almost certainly the result of exposure to moisture, perhaps by a leaky roof or the lack of a solid drainage structure. While as is the case with dust mites, mold almost always exists to some extent, however once it has exceeded a certain threshold hold it becomes a serious health hazard to everyone and especially so for children and the elderly.

Mold can easily go unnoticed because it tends to occur in dark damp places, like basements or, as is typically the case, air duct units. Reports have found the most mold in the coil of the operating unit. UCM Cleaning Services technicians are experts in not only cleaning but also in inspecting the inner workings of central air conditioning and heating units.

Mold can happen when you least expect it. In the last years a certain American manufacturer came under fire after it was discovered that many of their expensive brand name mattress had the existence of extensive black mold growth under portions of the bed ironically designed to temper allergies. We invite you to read this KVUE Austin interview on the subject. There are also very interesting video links embedded in the article which we encourage you to check out.

If you are concerned about the presence of black mold in your home or have recently turned on your heating system and are unexplainably not feeling well, you might want to consider checking your air ducts. UCM Cleaning Services are available seven days a week for mold inspection and remediation.

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