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How to maintain your carpet in between cleanings

1.Professional carpet cleaning is essential. It's part of responsible carpet maintenance. There are, however, many tips and tricks that can be used between cleanings to keep your carpets and rug looking freshly cleaned.

2.The most important thing to do in between cleanings is to vacuum regularly. While the average residential vacuum will not be able to remove the dirt and debris that a steam cleaning vacuum can, it can certainly remove the upper most levels of typical carpet pollution, like food crumbs, hair, and dirt. The more free a carpet is of light debris, the more effective a deep clean will be at getting to the tougher levels.

3.We find that not enough carpet owners are aware of the damage excessive water can cause a carpet. Since steaming water is used for many cleaning methods, this might sound confusing. Even the slightest amount of sitting water can lead to mold formations which may take years to show up.

4.Stains need to be attended to immediately. All of them. While we encourage using a professional service, if you chose to use a DIY method, we suggest beginning with an all nature cleaning method. There are several recipes readily available online. If you chose to go with a store bought chemical cleaner, begin with the mildest cleaner and move your way up. This is because not all fibers react the same to certain chemical cleaners and you might end up with undesirable results.

5.Never, ever pick at stains or burnt carpet fibers. If you cannot arrange for a professional to come out to your location, remove them with sharp scissors.

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